Can letters repeat in Wordle?

Yes, letters in Wordle answers can repeat. Words with repeated letters can be trickier to solve than others.

How to know if the current Wordle has a repeated letter?

If a word has repeated letters, Wordle treats each instance of that letter separately when coloring the tiles.

So if the word is "evade" and you guess "cease":

  • The first "e" would turn yellow, indicating it is in the word but wrong spot.
  • The second "e" would turn green, indicating it is correct and in correct spot.

If you repeat a letter more times than it appears in the word:

  • The first instance(s) will turn yellow or green if correct.
  • Any extra repeats will turn gray, indicating it is not in word.

For example, if the word is "evade" and you guess "exeme":

  • The first "e" would turn green.
  • The second "e" would turn gray.
  • The third "e" would turn green.

This indicates there are only 2 "e"s in the word, not 3.

In summary, look for:

  • Multiple green or yellow tiles for the same letter - indicates repeated letter.
  • Gray tiles for extra repeats of a letter - confirms number of repeats.
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