Does Wordle repeat words?

As of March 18, 2024, Wordle has never repeated a word that has already been used as an answer before, but since the number of 5-letter words is limited, it is inevitable that words will be repeated eventually.

Wordle began on June 19, 2021 with the first word being "CIGAR". The current possible answers list contains 2310 words, which means Wordle will run out of new words on October 16, 2027 unless they add more words to the list.

The current possible guesses list contains 14855 words, which means even if they add those obscure words as answers, Wordle will run out of new words on February 19, 2062. This is highly unlikely because the guess list includes some very obscure words which would be very difficult to guess for most players.

If you believe a word has been repeated, it might be due to several reasons:

  • Your browser might have an old copy of the game cached. After The New York Times acquired Wordle, they made changes to the answers list. You might have an old version of the game cached in your browser that is using the old answers list.
  • You might have played a Wordle clone or spinoff and not the official Wordle by The New York Times. Most clones and spinoffs use a different answers list than the official Wordle game and the words they used once might have been repeated in the official game.
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